Our Videos

xNet Scratch Removal System

How to remove glass scratches with
 NEW xNet DIY Scratch Removal System

Car side window scratches

How to remove scratches from car side
windows using DIY Scratch Repair Kit

Wiper Blade Damage

How to remove wiper-blades marks
from windscreen using DIY Polishing Kit

Sandpaper Damage removal

How to remove sandpaper damage from
house windows using DIY Scratch Repair Kit

Glass Scratch Removal

Removing scratches from patio door
with PRO GP-WIZ System & Flex polisher

Chipped Edge, Scratch Repair

Chipped edge & scratch removal from
black table using PRO Kit and Diamond Pad

Acrylic Shower Door Repair

How to remove limescale deposits 
from acrylic shower using DIY polishing kit.

Plastic Windows Scratch Removal

How to remove scratches from acrylic,
caravan window with DIY Restoration Kit

Cleaner Damage Removal

How to remove cleaner or scraper
damage from house window using PRO Kit

Car exhaust Rust removal

How to remove rust & corosion damage
from exhaust using DIY hand Metal Polish Kit

Hook & Loop pad for Drill

Short video showing our 75mm Hook and
Loop backing pad with drill attachment

GP-PRO Felt Polishing Pad

Short video of felt polishing pad ideal for
polishing glass, plastic, acrylic, metal, marble.